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How to Make Data Faster on Your Phone

Posted on 5/4/2020 by Rich Edwards

We live in a time when more people are working from home, and otherwise connecting to networks from home, than ever before. There’s no telling how long this period will last, but it’s already provided consumers and their employers with a sometimes-stark look at the realities of network speed and capabilities, hardware quality, and user habits and norms. We’re willing to bet that millions of people every day across Canada are asking, “Why is my data so slow?” as they attempt to download, stream a movie, or video conference.

It’s infuriating when your mobile data is not working on your Samsung, iPhone, or any other device, and it can literally cost you money if you miss out on professional opportunities because of it. If you’ve noticed that your mobile data is on but not working as you wish, now is the time to do something about it. 

Fortunately, the mystery of how to make data faster is not such a mystery if you simply take a few steps yourself to improve your device’s setup and a few other things around the house. The team at weBoost has been showing customers how to make data faster for years, and below you’ll see some ideas to consider so that you can stop worrying about your mobile data not working on your Samsung, iPhone, tablet, or any other device.

Unlimited Data Does Not Equal Faster, More Dependable Data

With the prevalence of unlimited data pricing plans, the average smartphone user in Canada now consumes more cellular data than ever before. In fact, the NPD’s most recent Connected Intelligence Smartphone and Tablet Usage report revealed the alarming statistics below:

  • Today, monthly data consumption averages 31.4 GB
  • Data use is 67% higher for those with unlimited plans
  • iPhone users consume more data than Android users

Given the increasing cellular data needs among typical Canadian smartphone users, it’s no surprise that more people are concerned than ever before about their ability to consistently access their carrier network. This statistical reality can lead to networks getting bogged down, which in some cases is beyond a consumer’s control, but that’s hardly the end of the story. If you’re experiencing a data connection problem with your iPhone or Android and find yourself wondering “how can I make my data connection faster?”we can help.

If you’re unable to establish a wireless data connection while at home or in your car, there are several workarounds you can try to fix your particular data connectivity problem. In this article, we’ll explain how to make data faster for iPhones and Android phones.

how to make your data faster

Why is my mobile data so slow?

The quality and speed of your phone’s data connection can be affected by how far away you are from nearby cell towers, or by signal-blocking materials used in the construction of your home or vehicle; such as concrete, glass, or metal. We’ll go over a few steps for how to make your data faster below.

The first step towards figuring out why your data is so slow is to specifically define the problem so that you can establish a baseline and measure improvement. Try using an internet speed test app to see just how slow your data is. This will provide you with the point of comparison you need after you’ve tried some of the tips below. Then after you’ve tried some tips below, you can retest to see if you gained an improvement in data speed.

weBoost cell phone signal boosters are quite effective at overcoming the obstacles that prevent iPhone users from having reliable coverage at home or on the go; regardless of the carrier network.

How to Make Data Faster on Your iPhone

If you don’t have your own cell signal booster, here are some other strategies for how to make your data faster for iPhone users:

Start by clearing your browsing history.

  • One reason that your mobile data is so slow could be that your device is filled with your browsing history. You need to eliminate that, which is a simple process. 
  • Go to the Settings app and tap on the Safari icon (or whichever browser you most often use.)
  • Then, scroll down and tap “Clear History and Website Data” button. Make a habit of clearing your iPhone’s history and website data. make data faster on iphone

Optimize your hardware.

  • Another step for how to make your data faster is to make it more efficient by closing apps that have been running in the background. 
  • Using multiple apps on your iPhone over long periods of time may slow down its performance. To correct this, restart your iPhone or double-tap the home button and flick all open apps off the screen.
  • By going into Settings, you can also switch Airplane Mode on for a few seconds (then back off) to reset your cell connection.

Keep your iOS up to date. 

  • Another reason for why your mobile data is so slow is because you may be running an outdated version of your iOS.
  • Make sure your iPhone is always running the latest software to eliminate that potential problem. Connect to a WIFI network.
  • Then, open Settings, select General and then go to Software Update. If an update is available, follow the download prompts. To help ensure you stay up to date, turn on Automatic Updates to install new iOS software updates overnight.
  • This is a good idea for how to make your data faster, as it will keep your phone up to date but will do so while you’re not usually using it.

Turn off Background App Refresh. 

  • By doing so, you can immediately improve the data speed for the apps you regularly use. There’s little reason to automatically update apps you rarely use, even if you have some reason to keep them on your device.
  • Open Settings, tap General, tap Background App Refresh, then tap it off. You can also tap off background refresh for apps individually.

How to Make Data Faster on Your Android

With the number of smartphone users in Canada alone expected to reach 31 million by 2021, Google’s OS is the most used and hosts the most active devices across all carrier networks. One idea to keep in mind for how to make your data connection faster is to remember this statistic, as a lot of people will be trying to access those same resources simultaneously on any given day.

For Android users wondering how to make mobile data faster, here are tips to speed up your connection.

Reboot your phone.

  • If your Android features a removable battery, take it out. Then, hold down the power button for a minute before reinserting the battery.
  • You can also reset your connection to the cellular network by turning Airplane Mode on and off.
  • This may not seem like an idea for how to make your data faster, but it’s akin to rebooting your computer and it wipes the proverbial slate clean, closing out any unnecessary apps that may have been running at the time.

Check for a software update.

  • Your Android may run slow simply because the OS isn’t up to date. This is a problem for users across all platforms, as using an outdated OS can lead to your data being on but not working along with causing several other problems.
  • To make sure your Android is current, navigate to Settings. Then, scroll down to About Device. Next, click on Software Update or System Update to finish up the process.

Install a Speed Boosting App.

  • Google Play offers several free apps to boost data speeds. For example, Net Optimizer stops background applications to increase cellular bandwidth availability and improve latency. Some users experience 50-80% faster speeds.
  • This type of app can help you constantly make your data faster without you having to manually manage the process on a regular basis.

Enable Text Mode in browser.

  • Images can be enormous. They use bandwidth and they slow things down. If you’re wondering why your mobile data is so slow, it could be your browser images.
  • By simply disabling images in Google Chrome, your data connection speed will instantly improve on your Android. Select the Text Mode Browser in Chrome for those situations when cell signal is weak but you need to do a web search.

How to Make Data Faster in Your Car or Home with weBoost

Most industry professionals agree that over time, the demand for data is only going to continue to rise, even if you take our present circumstances out of the equation. If your mobile data is not working on your Samsung, iPhone, or any other device, you should take time to try out the different recommendations and tips to improve the mobile data speeds on your particular phone and determine which strategies work best for your usage preferences.

They may help make your data faster, but they could still prove to be not enough of a help to make a huge difference. Only you can make that decision, as only you fully understand whether your data is fast enough for your everyday needs.

There are certain things that an individual user cannot overcome. If you live far away from the nearest cell tower, for instance, it’s not likely they’re going to build another one next to your location soon, nor should you depend on that for obvious reasons. 

If you’re unable to establish a wireless data connection with your iPhone, Android, or other cellular-connected devices, consider purchasing a weBoost cell phone signal booster. A variety of models are available for vehicle and home use and they work with all devices, networks, and carriers. They work with carriers like Rogers, Telus, Bell, Sasktel, and more. Start experiencing faster data speeds instantly with a cell phone data booster.

For details, visit the weBoost product page and find the solution that best fits your current needs.

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